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AV Webcam Morpher comes with a basic interface that’s really self-explanatory. However, AV Webcam Morpher can be slow and somewhat choppy at times, and this program could use a big of an interface overhaul. The one complaint that most users have with this program is a lack of technical support, which can cause some confusion and frustration if the program is not set-up properly or if there are any additional problems.


After downloading AV Webcam Morpher, users will be guided through the simple set-up process using a helpful wizard. The implementation of a wizard makes using AV Webcam Morpher enjoyable and arranging customization options is simple too.

Main Function

The main purpose of AV Webcam Morpher is to allow users to change their appearance simply. Instead of showing the person you’re chatting with a picture of yourself, AV Webcam Morpher will display a continuous loop of another person. This program is both useful (if you don’t want people to see you in your pajamas) and somewhat creepy, but it does serve its intended purpose well and flawlessly.

Extra Features

You can choose from a number of body gestures (list form) that you’d like to use during your webcam chat. This feature is practical if you want to appear like a human being and not a simple chat robot. AV Webcam Morpher is also compatible with a number of chat clients, which is simply nice to know.


As mentioned above, AV Webcam Morpher doesn’t come with strong technical support or an overly strong interface. Otherwise, this program is a cheap way to chat with someone without revealing your true self – practical if you are a spy of some kind. The $49.54 price tag is on the steep side for a program of this sort, but if this is the kind of webcam program you’re after, it’s the only one available.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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